Dust off the Mantel, It's time to Decorate!


With the holiday season approaching, family gatherings and the cold weather setting in, your fireplace and mantel may become a focal point in your home.  It's time to get inspired, get creative and WOW the socks off your guests and family!

Starting with an inspiration picture can be the easiest way to get your project started.  There are many creative outlets that can provide traditional, modern or seasonal decorating tips.  Magazines, the Internet and store displays can be a push in the right direction.  Keeping in mind some basic design elements and principles will bring together your very own masterpiece!



Having a theme picked out for your mantel decor can help determine which colour scheme you will use.  A festive holiday theme can be traditional with reds, greens, silver and gold. Whereas a more modern take on the same theme can be more monochromatic and use a range of tints and shades of one chosen colour.

Consulting a colour wheel to see what colours compliment each other could be a great time saver and tool in any decorating project.



Try a mix of different shaped and sized objects when decorating your mantel. Incorporating rectangular, circular and squared pieces will add variety and interest.  Using too much or all of one shape will become boring or dull.  Having different heights and widths will help fill the space you are working with and help your eyes move from piece to piece more harmoniously.



The holiday season brings out the best of texture! Furs, wood, greenery and woven materials can all be used to create interest and style.  If going for a traditional holiday theme, take a walk around your neighbourhood or a wooded area to collect branches, greenery and pine cones.


Your mantel may be deep and you can use background and foreground space easier than if you have a shallow mantel top.  Arrange your decorations strategically to show off special objects.  Group smaller pieces together to replicate and balance out a large piece.  Incorporating visual balance and space will result in an eye-catching design that effortlessly flows together.



Dive in and get creative! Try different placements of objects and mix things up a bit.  If at first it doesn't look the way you hoped, try again! Step back every once in awhile and look at your design from different perspectives - sitting, standing, up close and far away.  Most of all have fun and enjoy your new master piece!


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